Why Investing in a Total Car Protection Plan Makes Sense?

While at the time of buying a car, you will sign all papers and documentation, the dealer informs you about the importance of total car protection policy. Chances are that most buyers get to know about this term for the first time, and thus find it difficult to make the choice. No doubt that investing in an extended total vehicle protection plan is a good idea. However, equally important is to understand that you can get much better auto warranty plan from the independent car warranty companies.

When you think of buying an insurance plan, take out time and dwell on if you actually require it. Will not the healthy habits of savings let you see through requirements of life as far as finances are concerned? Certainly, yes, provided you are able to put substantial amount of your income every month or every year for rainy days or future.

However, investing in an auto warranty plan is a source of:

  • A safety net when it comes to dealing with unexpected car repairs and replacement of vehicle components
  • Discipline when it comes to saving funds
  • Peace of mind

All these points stand true even when you are thinking about buying a vehicle protection policy. It makes sense at so many different levels.

Life after the original warranty expires

When you drive home brand new car, you know that it is completely covered by an original warranty. So, you do not worry about the replacements and repair of defective components. However what when the original warranty expires? For example, what if brake system develops some type of a problem.

Obviously, the cost involving a brake system when it runs out of warranty would create a dent in your pocket. Even if you choose a licensed dealer, better be prepared to pay hefty bill just because it is not covered by the warranty. It thus makes sense that you opt for a total car protection plan offered by concordautoprotect.

Protect your hard earned savings

In most cases, it so happens that people save a substantial part of income for some personal reasons. These personal plans might include investment in a house, child’s education, travel and so on. In case you do not choose to invest in an auto warranty policy then you might find yourself in a situation where you have to shell out money for automobile repair cost from your own pocket or savings. Well, the choice is yours!

You will get a choice to make

Yet another reason you should think of buying a total car protection plan is the fact that independent companies such as Concord Auto Protect offers a range of customized plans to choose from. These policies are designed according to the preferences, budget and needs of the individual customer. For example, if you travel a lot then you can ask for 24X7 roadside assistance. Also, you can opt for vehicle protection plan for some components.

Thus, why not overcome this possibility completely by choosing a total car protection plan that can keep you savings intact? All you have to do is spare out a few minutes and browse through the website of Concord Auto Protect. Here, you will find a range of auto warranty plans and policies at rates that will not give you run for money. you can select a policy as per the deductibles and several other financial terms and conditions related to the contract.

In a nutshell, the idea to invest in a total car protection plan makes a lot of sense because it helps you in protecting savings by taking care repair and replacement costs.

Totaled Car or Not – 5 Tips so Your Carrier Declares a Total Loss

Your totaled car is sitting in the backyard when you get a

telephone call from your insurance adjuster. They will fix your car! In many

occasions this is good news, but when your car is nearly destroyed, and the

insurance company wants to patch it together and give it back to you, then

you’ve got a problem.

Think about it. The car will never be the same. If you want

to trade it in or sell it, you will probably have to take a substantial

reduction in price to be able to get rid of it. You also need to consider the

safety aspect of the car. Will your car ever be as safe as it was before the


In most accidents, cars can be fixed with no major

problems, but when you have a totaled car (or you are almost there) and the

insurance company will repair it and return it to you, you can be faced with an

uphill battle.

Insurance adjusters decide if you have a totaled car or a

fixable car. They need to first determine the value of the car and then

determine if the repair estimate is less than 70, 80, or even 90% of the car’s

value. So how do you protect yourself? Here are five simple tips.

Tip # 1: Ask for the repair estimate. Getting the

repair estimate will show you what the insurance company thinks is wrong with

your car. Review the estimate. Make sure the car will be painted and that all

the necessary parts to fix it are accounted for. If you do not know mechanics

that well, take that estimate to another shop and ask them to review it. You

will be surprised when other shops will tell you that your car should not be


Tip # 2: Make sure you have the insurance company

account for all the cost associated with fixing the car before they start

working in your car. Have them account for all the parts and the shipping cost.

Make sure that the parts they are buying are actually in inventory. In many

cases, insurance adjusters price a part, but cannot find it. This will make you

wait longer and they would have to pay for more rental.

Tip # 3: Ask for a “tear down” so you know that

there is not a totaled car but a car that can be properly fixed. When insurance

adjusters and body shops write estimates, the do not get under the damaged

parts. They only look and estimate the damage that is visible. A tear down is

the process of taking off all the damage parts and looking to see if the parts

below are also damaged. More often than not, hidden damage will appear, and this

will make the estimate of damages higher and taking you closer to a totaled car.

Insurance companies do not want to pay for this tear down.

But if you insist, they will pay for it. This is a good idea anyway for two

reasons. The tear down will most likely than not increase the repair estimate.

You will also know if the integrity of the frame and chassis were compromised in

the impact.

There is no question that the body shop can put the car

back together. The question is if a fixed totaled car will be safe to be on the

road. Make sure some one looks at the mechanical and structural integrity of the


Tip # 4: Use the rental expense to your advantage.

If your totaled car is going to get repaired, then it is likely that it will

take 20 to 30 days before your vehicle again. That is only counting body work

and paint and that all parts are on hand at the time the mechanics start

working. It will take longer if you have mechanical problems.

The insurance company will be looking at a rental bill that

could be over $1,000, depending on the limits of your policy. We have seen

rental bills of $2,000. If you have a totaled car, then the insurance company

will only have to pay up to three days of rental (sometime less, depending on

your state). They will be saving significantly if they do declare a total loss.

Tip # 5: Research your state law for

diminished or diminution of value claims. If you are making a claim against

your own insurance company, some states will allow you to ask for the difference

between what the car was worth before the accident, and what it worth after it

is repaired. Many states do not allow for first party claims like this one.

However, the restrictions only apply to first party claims. If you are making

this claim against the insurance company of the person that hit you, then the

claim will be allowed. Also, if you are making a uninsured property damage claim

against your own carrier. The claim will be allowed.

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