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Storyline For Tina Turner

Tina Turner was born to a landless family in rural land in Tennessee. The love for music pushed her into the music industry at teenage. This made her move to St. Louis where she immersed herself into a local rhythm -and -blues scene. On her move, she met Ike Turner when he was performing for his band where she became part of the band. She began performing at the band having her name as Tina Turner where her performance was lit. The stage was such electric that made her the centerpiece of the show. The chorus which was produced by Ike Turner and Tina Turner became famous after the live performance, but there were limitations in ensuring the success of its recordings.

Another album called “A fool in love” hit in 1960 making the problems of producing records was solved. She then fell in love with Ike Turner and they got married in 1962. Married problems and threats visited them and they ended up divorcing in 1977 where Ike Turner claimed that their marriage was that legal. The production of another album” Rived deep mountain” hit the whole of Europe. The title of the album probably was at a high point but its sales were poorly done in the United States. Before their official divorce in 1978, they were the leading in music industries as couples producing albums such as “Proud Mary”. The decision to divorce was brought as a result of physical abuse and infidelity.

Following the series of live performances on albums of other artists, she began producing her albums and released her solo album “Private Dancer” in 1984. The album was mastery, both commercially and critically making a huge worldwide sale of this album. She earns a lump sum amount of money from the sale of this album worldwide. The album itself earned her three Grammy Awards including the record of the year and the best female vocal performance. The album thus became her signature song. She also followed her musical success with a role in the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. She began producing more of the albums for herself. The best of her albums was released in 2004. Turner continued touring in the recent century thus she is seeing collaborating with other artists.

She lived in Switzerland for several years. She became a Swiss citizen in the year 2013 and for a short time, she submitted her paperwork renouncing her U.S citizenship. She then wrote her autobiographies. Ike and Turner were introduced to the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame in 1991. Turner received Kennedy Centre Honor in the tear 2005 and was also given a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement in the year 2018.

The rhythm and blues she produced had to be mean black popular music that was not opened for teenagers as the music that was becoming popular contained lyrics that featured first-class lovers, parent-child conflict thus fewer approaches to overnice rhythm. Therefore, being that the production of both rock and roll and rhythm had no distinction and was not based on any hard-and-fast rules, most of the performance produces albums that fit in both categories.

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